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Strain Review: Thizzles #8 by DogHouse

Thizzles #8 (Z x Thin Mint GSC) by @doghouse_or 🍬🍪 Lineage/Genetics: Z x Thin Mint GSC Original Breeder: DogHouse Grower: DogHouse Dispensary: AmeriCanna Rx

Thizzle #8 Strain Review

thizzles #8 by doghouse strain review by pnw_chronic 2The bag appeal on Thizzles is exceptional. The dense nugs are mostly light green with significant dark green leafage, purple-black coloration, and fiery orange pistols that collect in patches across the surface of each nug. The trichrome formation is quite remarkable. It’s heavy on each bud, and the glands on some of the trichrome stalks are so big that they can be seen with regular eyesight. There’s an overall pastel-light green shade to some of the nugs that comes from the Z side of the genetics. 😍 The nose on Thizzles is an amazing combination of Z and GSC. It’s got a strong GSC presentation on the front end with zkittles framing the entire package, as if the GSC was dipped in hot sugar. It’s absolutely radiating sweet and fruity terps like the bottom of a bag of sour gummy worms. Breaking open a nug unleashes some insane, nose-curliningly offensive gas terps. ⛽️ The taste on the Thizzles is just as enticing as the smell. It’s sweet and fruity on several different levels and layers, with a healthy dose of gas rounding out the profile. There are some notes of warm earthiness, as well, that give the flavor a richer quality. Overall, it’s just dripping dessert terps that stain the tongue. The Z flavor is stronger on the taste than the smell and tickles the tip of the tongue when smoking. 🍬 The Thizzles burns perfectly and smoothly all the way down. It produces minor kief when grinding. The high on the Thizzles is nice and balanced. I felt a pretty prominent headband feeling and an overall warmth and euphoria almost immediately, but I could generally go about my day and complete tasks functionally. 😶‍🌫️ All in all the Thizzles is a wonderful strain. I smoked through it quicker than I do most strains because of the ease to smoke and phenomenal flavor. It’s not the heaviest body high or prettiest nugs on the shelf but I would still smoke through a zip of this and go get more no problem. S/o @thcodybrown94 for keeping me in the know, for supporting my content, and for continuously being one of my favorite people in the industry to interact with. Picked up at @americannapdx_2.0 s/o @808nickka 🔥
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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/pnw_chronic)

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