Strain Review: Tropicanna by CBX (2022)

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Lineage/Genetics: Orange Crush x SFV OG Phenotype #17

Original Breeder: Cannabiotix

Grower: Cannabiotix

CBX Tropicanna 2022 Review

CBX Tropicanna

This Jan 2022 jar comes with 9 small to medium size nugs, beautiful green covered with white frosty trichomes, kinda spacey but very sticky and well trimmed.

Aroma wise when I first open the jar I picked up lots of cheese which is very very similar to their #supersilverhaze. After few more sniff the fruitiness lime 🍋 🌲 ⛽️ tangerine 🍊 earthy skunky smell become more pronounced, after grinding it fruitiness got magnified 200% and overpowered the cheeses. Now I understand where it’s name is coming from.

The burn is slow and the smoke is very smooth yet pack a immediate punch, taste very fruity earthy and the cheese taste was there on the exhale. the high is very clear and focused and I feel like the buzz is right in the middle of my head behind my eye and I really enjoy everything that is going on around me. Creativity level is definitely enhanced, perfect for song writing and beat making, the high lasted a good 2 hours for me, it didn’t have much effect on my body so I feel this one is a pure sativa.

Overall I liked this strain although the nugs are on the smaller side, but the high is really enjoyable and did not make me paranoid at all, I recommend this strain for day time usage and creative projects. This strain is 🔥 🔥 🔥 cbx did it again! 😍😍🤪

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