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Strain Review: Casino Kush by Cannabiotix

Casino Kush 🎰🎲💰Review @cannabiotix Lineage/Genetics: White Walker OG x Blue Flame Original Breeder: Cannabiotix Grower: Cannabiotix

Casino Kush Strain Review

casino kush by cannabiotix strain review by 235 % total cannabinoids 1.83 % total terpenes 29.05 % thc 0.08% cbd indica 🎰Big , super sticky nugs. Trichome crystals completely cover each nug, giving it a diamond like shine. Vibrant hues of forest green and dark jade combine with subtle yellow-green tints near the stem and toasted golden orange, bright, extending stigmas to create a money green aura, completing the whole casino vibe. 💯Nice slow burn, consistent flavor and Breaks down very well check the second video. . 🎲aroma -pine ,mint, sour, kush . deep and pungent, not overwhelming but definitely consistent and lingerin. flavors are earthy ,pine ,kush , hints of sweet and sour but very smooth. a medium heavy smoke anfd no harshness , i really enjoyed puffin on this definitely didnt want to pass it to @ko_smokez . 🔥Fast acting relief and relaxation, the high kicks in a little later than the medicinal effects with a nice boost of creativity and ambition. You can expect a mostly mellow mood that allows you to enjoy convos and corny jokes on a whole new level 😂. Expect a solid comedown nothing crazy but you definitely will want to be comfortable and around some snacks for this one.I love OGs so i may be a little biased here but this can easily can make it into my daily rotation. A great flower and my first time trying @cannabiotix
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