Strain Review: Formula 41 by CAM

Formula 41

Lineage/Genetics: (Secret Weapon X Gelato 41)

Original Breeder/Grower: CAM @camstr007

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Formula 41 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Somewhere hidden in the chaotic scenes of hall of flowers, CAM rep @bleezeeboy and TEG rep @cali_bud_reviews make a secret R&D trade off from our personal secret stashes.. my @teamelitegenetics Styrofoam Cup for some of his @camstr007 Formula 41. Blessed to know the great people over at cam 🙏!

Aroma 92/100
coffee hazelnut cookie terps, & Dough mint with chocolate rosin terps. Similar to biscotti or oreoz, but with a berry-vanilla & sweet dryer sheet floral ice cream layer, breaking nugs reveals burnt singed freezer burnt skunky terps. Light citrus, pine, gas, rubber, & musk

Appeal 93/100
Chunky wide spear-headed pyramid shaped nugs of Lime & dark green mix evenly with heavy layers of neon purple leaves, highlights, & tips. Short light orange pistils camouflage into the trichome clustered crevices. It’s properly dense with soft squishy stacked well cured leafy build! No hardness! leans towards the dry kiefy side a bit. Semi crisp But semi-sticky & moist. trichomes have MAX FROSTED COVERAGE & VERY LONG WAVY & CURLY stalks but with small to medium heads giving some ‘fuzzy’ trichome coverage. Inner trichs have lil bigger heads giving some salted coverage

Burn 88/100 taste 92/100
Drypull:. Sweet florals, ice cream gelatos, dough-mint & pine. Pure white inside ash, the outside ash was lil darker with grey, but flushed out whiter. Burned kinda fast, & lil uneven at first But fixed itself: Pine, Herbals spice, biscotti terps, dough-mint with a creamy gelato backend.

Effect 93/100 Potency 90/100
The effects were nice & Stoney after finishing the cone, indica relaxing, but with happy uplifted euphoric vibes also. Puts a lil pep in the step while being very relaxing & Stoney in both the body and mind. Has a nice strong bake, but not overly strong where you have panic or anxiety. Good medicine! 2.5hour duration!

Overall: 92/100
Very nice solid strain, cookie heavy with a nice gelato touch to it. Stoney but uplifting euphoric. Clean smoke. Love the more leafy soft squishy density on this one!!

Nothing is ever for sale! Photos and reviews only!

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