Strain Review: Original Gangster by Team Elite Genetics


Lineage/Genetics: OG Kush

Original Breeder/Grower: Team Elite Genetics @teamelitegenetics

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Original Gangster Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

I’m back from HoF, & I wanna say how blessed, grateful, & fortunate I am to get to review these private stash strains from one of the best cultivators in the world! Today I’m proud to introduce, The Infamous, ORIGINAL GANGSTER. This ones for @ogkush_or_nah & @rosin_ronsino

Appeal: 94/100
The big cola has the classic ‘branched-off’ OG kush structure, tall stacking chunky leafy triangles built on top of each other, but branched off from each other. Mostly greens, but with occasional purple shadings, & oranges & yellows from burnt tips. Open organic leafy structure shows perfect inner trichomes from outside vantage point. It’s leafy but properly dense, no pgr density here! The Inners reveal It’s Made of densely stacked leaves, saturated in clustered trichomes with big wet heads & medium length stalks. Pistils are rusty orange & almost red, medium-long length. Crisp clean snaps signal a proper dry. It’s cured to perfection with perfect moisture levels, greasy sticky resinous inners with ‘frozen crisp’ outers. The avg size nugs are chunky & dense in regards to its open leafy organic build, & separate stacking OG kush structure.

Aroma: 94/100
Very Loud, Crisp, & Clean: Sour-Danks, Gassy-Diesel, & Classic OG Kush terps, leaning more towards the Very Sweet Kush & Lemon than the Pine. Burnt Singed Pungent Skunky terps combine with Burnt Rubber terps. Light Florals, light Herbals, lil bit Earthy, lil Peppery & a lil Musky. Very Gassy, but Sweet in a Kush Fashion.

Burn 96.5/100 Taste 94/100
The video of the burn is in slide 10, but towards the end of video, PURE WHITE ASH, FATASS MOTOR OIL TERP RING! Taste were classic OG KUSH, but sweet, with gassy diesel & Burnt Rubber terps. Lightly herbal. Smooth clean smoke with Expando lung!

Effect 95/100 potency 95/100
Hard hitting OG KUSH buzz, heavy body & heavy mind buzz. 4 puffs to feel it, 3 hour duration. Couch Locked & Super Baked. Great Medication: Sleepy, Hungry, Calming, Pain Relief.

Overall: 94.99/100
Tier 1, high class, high caliber OG Kush! Amazing appeal aroma, perfect burn & monster effects!

Nothing is for sale!
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