Strain Review: Tropicanna Cherry by LA Family Farms

Tropicanna Cherry 🍒

Lineage/Genetics: Tropicanna Cookies x Cherry Cookies

Original Breeder: Relentless Genetics

Grower: LA Family Farms

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Tropicanna Cherry Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

tropicanna cherry by la family farms strain review by wl_official619 2NOSE: Sweet FLORAL honey 🍯 Grenadine backbone👃🏼

DRY PULL: Cherry blossom terps with sweet menthol resin on the lips 👄

STRUCTURE: BOLD & WILD nugs with protruding colas. Christmas tree undertone layered over with a dominant Barney PURPLE coat. An abundance of electric ORANGE hairs bursting from its seams give off an exotic and noticeable bag appeal. A very consistent fuzzy tinsil trich layer makes you feel like Xmas came early. Stiff stems & light buds 🌲

TASTE PROFILE: FLORAL chamomile and cherry terps on the inhale🌺 Emphasis on bright fruit with an obvious earthy resin on the finish🍒 flavorful inhale & expansive smoke on the exhale💨 induced gassy resin flavor with slight lung choke on the end of the joint💨

EFFECTS/DURATION: Instant mental stimulation short term effect that develops into relaxed eye lids and jelly neck. Accompanied by light weight limbs and content SOOTHING energy, the body effect starts to become more dominant. Excellent relaxing effect but just enough stimuli to keep up with your surroundings. 35+ min PEAK high ⏰

GRADE: 8/10🏅


My first from LAFF and it did not disappoint. Bag appeal, flavor, & smoking experience all up to par. An excellent cultivar grown with obvious conviction. Will be reviewing SHEESH asap💫

I care about what YOU smoke‼️ Let me know what your rollin up!!


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Check out more reviews by @wl_official619 on Instagram! (

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