Strain Review: Wappa from RedeCan Pharm

Look at the beautiful Wappa from RedeCan Pharm clocking in at 20.2% THC! It has an unknown lineage and bred originally by Paradise Seeds.

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Paradise Seeds

Grower: RedeCan Pharm

Dispensary: Redecan

Wappa Strain Review

Wappa by @redecanofficial has been my go to for a relaxing after work smoke this week.
The buds are always nice and tight and bust amazingly. Smoking this strain after work helps me relax and still get the housework done I need too!

It is definitely a heavier indica dominant hybrid strain and could very well knock you out if you have a low tolerance!

Thank you for the treat @jhitoshi96 😍 Background stickers in the featured imageare from @mysexyartlife and @wokeface.🧡

Thank you @redecanofficial for the awesome strain!





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