Strain Review: White Truffles by Higher Growth Gardens

White truffles by @highergrowthgardens

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Higher Growth Gardens

Terpene Profile: Unknown

White Truffles Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Revie

Bag appeal: 9.5/10 absolutely insane. Big chunky buds that absolutely shined like a chandelier. Literally looked white it was so triched out. Amazing looking bud.

Smell: 8.0/10 straight smelled like a bag of garlic.

Smoke: 8.5/10 super super clean smoke that burns white as snow and leaks like a mf. Taste translated perfectly with that super funky garlic taste. Shit hits you like a narcotic. Definitely a nighttime smoke that’ll ease all aches and pains and have u falling and staying asleep.

Overall:8.5/10 this was my first time trying anything from @highergrowthgardens and I was totally blown away. Hardly wanted to smoke it cause it was so pretty. Definitely something I suggest for someone dealing with pain or has problems sleeping. Go check out highergrowth he killing it!


THIS IS THE LAST TIME IM GONNA TRY AND POST THIS! I already wrote a super detailed review for this and the gorilla butter but they got reported. Been having trouble every time I tried to post it sense. It’s been a minute since I smoked it so just doing a short review so y’all can still see it.



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