Strain Review: Y2K by Alien Labs

Y2K @alienlabs

Lineage/Genetics: Purple Urkle x Planet Dosi

Original Breeder/Grower: Alien Labs

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Y2K Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

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Aroma: 92/100
Classic purple urkle terps take the lead, Sweet grape, berries, and purp fruits & gases, an herbal spicey, pepper pungency, possibly ocimene. Pine heavy/ diesel. Lemon cleaner gas. Very fruity florals. Creamy, cookie terps. earthy and sweet, with a pine-mint-menthol kush, similar to a bubba kush mixed with gelato. Breaking nugs reveals the sharp pungent partially freezer burn burnt skunk gas. Background neroli. Hidden cheese

Appeal 92/100
6 nug eighth, 3 med-bigs. 3 small-med. heavy purple presence, split with electric greens classic purple urkle look. Sharp thick fuzzy orange pistils lay in the crevices like pipe cleaners. Thick trichome coverage, some outer fuzzy coverage, some outers with medium heads, the inner trichs have slightly bigger heads, giving the salted look, greasy reflection coverage, and silver streaking on purps. Small squat wide chunky nugs, made into chunky triangles, upside down hearts, and arrowhead shapes. The outsides have a crisp dryness to the flower; but the inners reveal soft sticky sappy moisture. Very dense, very cookied structure, but I like that it’s at least soft, & well cured for being cookied. Very dense nugs do require extra care removing mini stem pieces by hand break.

Burn 86/100 taste 86/100
Inner ash pure white, outside ash was darker with salt and pepper burn. But the terp ring was DRIPPY. Motor oil drips stay near to ash line, fat clear resin area. Taste were grape, berries, purp urkle sativa-ish pepper pungency and herbal spice. Pine diesel, earthy bubba terps, lemon cleaner. Gas. Very heavy cookie terps, maybe dough?

Effect 94/100 potency 90/100
Heavy indica terps. Thankfully too, cuz sometimes purp urk terps give me upper vibes. 3 hour buzz, great sleep, appetite suppressing, followed by appetite stimulating later, heavy body buzz, equal heavy mind buzz. Powerful indica effects but you can finish a fat cone easily.

Overall: 90/100
Solid. Love the terps & appeal, the burn could use alil more work, the taste was good, & it slapped!


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One thought on “Strain Review: Y2K by Alien Labs

  • August 24, 2022 at 2:46 pm

    Thanks for the review. I’m ordering a quarter right now. I love the urkle, berry taste and effect!


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