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Cultivar Review: Apple Fritter by Ozone

So today we have from @liveozone Apple Fritter, a strain that I’ve been waiting to hit Illinois for awhile. Originally bred by @lumpysflowers in Norcal this strain is notorious for being apart of High Times 2016 strongest strains on earth. It’s an evenly balanced hybrid cross of Sour Apple(Sour Diesel*Cinderella 99) and Animal Cookies(Fire OG*GSC) that really has been a staple in many gardens over the last 5 years. Lineage/Genetics: Sour Apple x Animal Cookies Original Breeder: Lumpy’s Flowers Grower: Ozone Terpene Profile: Unknown

Ozone Apple Fritter Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

apple fritter by ozone strain review by theweedadvocateUnfortunately the jar consists of a very weak bud structured eighth of smalls. Only a couple buds really worth looking at with winter to olive greens and some small violet accents towards the middle. Lackluster amount of very fine white trichomes and rusty orange hairs and fairly brittle cure of a bud. 19/25 Opening the jar and you get good mix of Sour D and some OG Kush pine notes but it’s not until breakdown that you get those sour candy apple notes backed by lime rind, smarties, and touch of that cheesy parm funk. The nose on this is actually quite loud and one of the best features of this cut. 23/25 The flavor reminds me alot of Sour Diesel but with this sharp granny smith apple and sour lime that cuts thru like a knife. Although there is a lingering herbal oregano thyme funk that’s a bit unpleasant. I’d attribute this to the weak larfy bud structure that takes away from the richness of the smoke. Dry pull on the joint is candy apple berry that adds some light vanilla notes burning down. White ash gang with that medium resin drip but starts to lose flavor after the midpoint. 20/25 Now for being on a list for strength this was a big disappointment. I expected for a 50/50 hybrid to have insane GG4 or Sour Diesel power but this was no where near that. It hits with a headdy buzz that wraps around the head and gives good mood enhancement. For the Indica lovers it really lacks any body buzz and will keep you coming back for more. So with that said this was a pass for me since its just not worth the price tag if it doesn’t smack. 18/25 80 points- Weed Advocate @enltnddispensary #weedadvocate #applefritter #lumpys
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