Strain Review: Frank Bank OG by Lumpy’s Flowers

Frank bank og by @lumpysflowers

Lineage/Genetics: fruity pebble og x animal cookies

Breeder/Grower: Lumpy’s Flowers

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Frank Bank OG Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

This was one of those strains that I wasn’t particularly excited for when I saw the bud and saw it was an og but as soon as I saw the genetics I knew I had to try it. I haven’t had a fruity pebble strain in years. That used to be one of my favorites when I was much younger and all this candy bud wasn’t around. Idk if it was fruity pebble og but I figured I’d try it and see!

Smell:8.7/10 oh boy was this nice. NOT AT ALL what I expected but very nice. Definitely a little bit of a fruity smell but super strong cookie terps on top of that with spicy burnt earthy tones to it that almost smelled like gelato 41 with a twist of berry. Also had a slight og earthy herbal smell to it on the backend. Very very loud too. Loved how complex this smell was. Perfect mixture of all the strains that were put in to make this amazing strain.

Look: 9/10 at first when I saw this strain through the bag I wasn’t super impressed. Buds looked smaller and didn’t shine like the other lumpys strains. Boy was I wrong. One I got her out of the packaging she really showed out. First off there were some smaller buds but there was one big nug hiding on the bottom. They were super dense nugs with a great cure. Very sticky. Very nice cookies structure. The buds were bright green with darker green undertones and flaming orange hairs intertwined. Little bit of bright purple especially on the inside. When u shine a light on it is when it really pops. Completely covered in diamonds this baby shine brighter then some vvs’s. Has almost a silkey look it shines so much. Such great looking nugs grown and cured to perfection😍.

Smoke:9/10 crazy clean smoke! Pearl white ash. Leaks resin like a faucet. Has such a nice full flavor that’s enjoyable from the first hit to the last. I usually don’t like those spicy earthy tasting buds but this one was smoookinnggg. It’s actually pretty sweet and not overpowering or rough. Reminded me of some really good biscotti. The high was super on point. Body and mind numbing. Good for mood enchantment and anxiety. Perfect for any time of the day.

Overall:9.1/10 I personally think lumpys killed this strain. It’s so cool to see what new tech can do to old strains. Love how lumpys just does their own thing. They grow totally different strains then what everyone else is doing (for the most part) and they perfected those strains. U can tell they put a lot of hard work and love in to their flower. True boutique flower. A lot of times the crazy pretty flower isn’t the best smoking but lumpys proves that’s not always true. You can get bag appeal and terps! Without copying everyone else! As for the frank bank, I went in to it not expecting much and came out a huge fan of the strain. I highly recommend it to anyone whether ur a regular smoker or not. Such an amazing taste whether u like candy or gas. I’m definitely grabbing this when I have the chance again and for sure want to check out what else lumpys has in store for me.



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