Vape Review: Lemonade Live Resin Cart by Willow Creek Reserve

Lemonade live resin melted diamonds

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Processor: Willow Creek Reserve

Willow Creek Reserve Lemonade Live Resin Cart Review

Appeal: 80/100
Again nice packaging and cart appeal. The air bubble was slightly bigger on this one. Although the bubble pictured is after a few puffs. This color is nice and clear golden colors. No darkness.

Aroma: 85/100
coming from the tip is strong lemon candy gas, herbals, spice, musk and HEAVY cream.

Burn and taste: 85/100
clean and mostly smooth, decent lung pressure, and slightly throaty. Slightly hashy vaporized ‘popcorn’ taste mixes with a heavy cakey creamy cheesy skunk neroli. Lemon cream, cookie cream, candy cream. Lots of heavy cream. Barley hops musk. Herbal spice musk. Light pine, hints of florals. Almost like a cheesy sativas version of a gelato cream.

Effect 87/100 potency 87/100
Nice uplifting social creative potency rush effects hit first, background cloudy relaxation. Body buzz feels light and crisp. Overtime the relaxation grows, and the Uplift fades. Great for being productive while getting some RR. Perfect for watching sports or relaxing while writing emails. Great work strain. Nausea relief is very obvious.

Overall 85/100
Very solid product. These carts have been a good addition to my collection. Great for work. Good quality from the diamonds, the flavors are also nicely translated.


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