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Strain Review: Zati by HeadStash Cultivators

Brand- @headstash_cultivators Strain- Zati Lineage/Genetics – Adeline x Helado Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Headstash Cultivators Terpene Profile: Unknown

Zati Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

  Reel Review brought to you by @mad.max.2k19 … Happy Friday everyone I decided to finally upload this flower by Headstash and if you ever try this brand you can expect some amazing flower which smells and has the aroma and also just to let you know there Buds are full and nothing like smalls you will bt surprise by. This strain will hit you really quick as you will feel your back of your eyes pulsating and then your heart will pick up a rhythm that somehow you will feel and till you’re fully red-eye looking at yourself asking if you high. The answer is yes you and the effects are awesome if you love something that will get you feeling good. This one is for experience smoker’s as the effects might be overwhelming for new smoker’s as it will cause anxiety, but experience ones will truly enjoy it. and want some more after the effects run out. Also be aware this will cause some couch locked effects with some munchies. I would keep this for the night time but if you can go in the day while being high on this strain. My hats to you because myself I wanted to lay down and just sleep. This one of one for the low budget and for the big pocket smokers. If you get a chance don’t pass this one by try it yourself and see how it does to your body. … Zati is an Indica-leaning hybrid that comes from an Adeline X Helado cross and will bring on a high that’ll have you feeling overwhelmingly satisfied and calm. Zati feels like a vacation in a bag, with its pungency and mind-numbing euphoria. Zati is great for any time you need to zone out and chill. Headstash is a San Francisco-based, boutique cannabis company
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Check out more reviews and content by @stoneybearreviews on Instagram! (

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