Vape Review: A-Dub Live Resin Cart by Friendly Farms

A-Dub live resin cart @friendlycalifornia


Processor: Friendly Farms

Dispensary: Speedy Weedy

A-Dub Live Resin Cart Review

Air bubble 96/100
Tiny proper air bubble

Aroma- 85/100
started sweet and floral, candy with some og lemon pine gas. But then after I smoked from it, the nose changed to a musky funky meaty greasy fish market scent, gmo-ish?

Taste 86/100
Sweet florals, fruity dank terps, og lemon pine gas, herbal musky funk, cream, sour dankness, chocolate rosin. Clean and supplies some lung pressure on big hits. (Creamy cakey and fruity gassy more dominant on low temp) (rubber musk with light cheese more dominant on medium) (herbal spicey musk and funk terps more dominant on high temp)

Effect potency 85/100
Mildly relaxing, some small uplifting vibes, but mostly Stoney. Eyes drop with headband and face buzz, body buzz is relaxed with some baseline energy to it. 4 puffs equals decently strong effects for 1.5- 2 hours

Overall 87/100
Very good and solid. Ticket matches quality.

Nothing is ever for sale!

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