Vape Review: Apple Jack Resin8 Cartridge by Cannavative

Got to try another cereal strain from Cannavative! This time it was the Apple Jack cartridge from their Resin8 brand.

Lineage/Genetics: Jack Herer x White Widow

Original Breeder: Seedism Seeds

Grower/Processor: Cannavative

Dispensary: Silver State Relief

Cannavative Resin8 Apple Jack Cartridge Review

Total THC: 83.12%

Total CBD: 0.31%

Cannavative’s Resin8 cartridges taste delicious. The taste truly shines on the exhale, which reminds me of those little cans of Treetop apple juice. There’s no cereal taste here, the taste is 100% jacked up apples and 100% not from the original flower.

Like every other way of ingesting cannabis, distillate is but a medium – one that is perfect for added terps and this is a perfect example of that. Distillate gets a bad rap sometimes because the low end of distillate around the country goes oh so low. At the end of the day, the quality of any cannabis product comes down to expertise, equipment, and quality control. When you’re at the dispensary and you see a distillate cartridge from an established brand like Cannavative – don’t shy away.

The high is cerebral, it swept an even pressure throughout my head but left the rest of my body largely alone. It tasted as good and the oil looks just as clear towards the end of the cartridge as it did in the beginning – which is always something to look for. Very good daytime strain, in my opinion.

The cartridge itself is made of polycarbonate and it does feature a ceramic atomizer – maybe the CCELL M6T. That means that the delicious taste will stay constant and not end up tinged with the taste of formaldehyde like happens with cotton wick fed atomizers.

I’ve seen ~300mg, 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, but I’ve never ever seen 800mg. The fact that it’s 800mg in a cartridge that can hold 1000mg won’t be lost on the astute observer; however, I’m coming around to the sizing.

This is a tasty and quality distillate cart worth trying out!



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