Vape Review: Gary Payton Live Rosin Disposable by Antigravity Solventless

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Lineage/Genetics 🧬: The Y x Snowman

Bred by: Powerzzzup Genetics

Grower: 9 Mile Farm

Processor: Antigravity Solventless

Gary Payton Solventless Rosin Disposable Review

Super stoked to have the opportunity to review this solventless tier 1 product, as you seen, the starting material by 9 mile farm is straight tier 1 indoor, and this flavor maker nails the transitions to tier 1 solventless concentrates

Appeal: 96/100
Love the battery and tank, looks clean and sleek, the packing is dope af too! Mfg package Dates would be nice tho.

Air bubble: 95/100
Normal size, but the tank looks fatter than a half g to be honest, even with a normal size bubble it looks fat.

Aroma: 94/100
Heavy gas and diesel, skunky herbal musk and spice. Pine, Then a sweet fruity sour dankness is under that, hidden florals. Slight rubber. Pungency.. hidden cheese in the musk?

Smoke 96/100 Taste 96/100
Very clean, and smooth, super pure tasting, gives nice expando lung, with a gassy but smooth exhale, the flavors are herbal, spicey, musky, chemical pungent, pine, it’s has the dark chocolate rosin taste on the tongue from the sweets, creams, and danks mixed. Underneath the herbal gasses, it has a hidden sweet floral fruity candy on the exhale. Burnt rubber background exhale

Effect 95/100 Potency 92/100
It took about 5 puffs before it kicked in, but it kicked it solid and for LONG durations, getting me through to lunch break with ease and maintaining its potency throughout, body is relaxed, but able to work, mind is hybrid, with uplift, socials, and focus, meanwhile maintaining a Stoney headchange also.

Edit: smoking later in the day had me nodding almost sleeping. Really depends how you channel this hybrid but has potential for work, and for rest

Overall: 94.75/100
Amazing. Super tasty, clean solventless smoke, that kicks ass with a slight creeper long duration buzz.

Nothing is ever for sale

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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