Strain Review: Critical Cure by Team Elite Genetics


Lineage/Genetics: Critical Kush x Shanti Baba’s CBD

Breeder: Barney’s Farm

Grower: Team Elite Genetics

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Critical Cure Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

INTRO: This is a special in house high cbd/ thc flower (3:2) team elite Gifts to medical patients for its healing properties! As you all know, team elite is known for their many cannabis cups, and their Terpinolene dominant strains. The term ‘exotics’ has been ruined by the market, but with team elite you get real rare gems that deserve the exotic title!

Aroma: 95/100
Heavy tangie & trop notes, orange citrus, pineapple. Sweet fruit with an herbal musky spice. Cheesy af! Has the sharp chemical pungency behind the sweet fruit tropical tangie cheese terps. Gassy, diesel, and …. pine?

Appeal: 94.5/100
Organic leafy spacey sativa structure, but the nugs on the stem are properly nugged with a chunky leafy build, mostly greens with rare yellows, and even more rare purps, crazy pistils, dark glowing orange, with gnarly length, surrounded by thin/long and wavy trichomes. Insanely sticky, but crisp with a proper dry also. Greasy with resinous streaking, and has the salted/ pellet look from strong trichome heads.

Dry pull: 96/100
cheese! Trop! Orange citrus, florals that weren’t in aroma, diesel, sweet fruit, sour dankness, herbal spice, black licorice?

Smoke/taste 93/100 & 95/100
Perfect burn, mostly white ash, with a avg resin ring , super clean & pleasant. Fluffy ash burn. Taste were herbal, musky, spicey, with a tangie orange citrus background, behind that is the tropical notes, pineapple, and a general sweet fruit. Cheesiness surrounds some diesel and chemical pungency.

Effect/potency 97/100 & 91/100
the terp effects hit fast and hard. euphoric, positively psychoactive, with deep but racing thoughts, in a positive way. Body feels the uplifted & sideways/ off balance buzz when walking & your Vision looks like a movie if that makes sense. Major pain relief and nausea relief, Then the potency rush comes in CREEPER status, supplying a heavy hybrid like buzz, mind is strangely clear and stoned at the same time. This is one of the most unique & trippy buzzes I’ve had!

Overall: 95/100

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