Vape Review: Rainbow Venom Live Resin Cart by Buddies

Liquid diamonds live resin

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Processor: Buddies

Rainbow Venom Liquid Diamonds Live Resin Cart Review

Alrighty guys, this review was made possible by @speedyweedy , be sure to check ‘em out especially Vista….. my DINNER got brought to me in 35 min that night, doordash takes 3 hours usually at rush hour. Very impressive. Big shoutout to speedyweedy for killing it.

Air bubble: 75/100
Little Too big. One of the bigger bubbles I’ve seen.

Aroma: 85/100
Sour dankness, Skittley, floral, sweet, with a heavy OG gas lemon pine layer, herbal musky spice in the back. A hidden gmo type funk became more apparent after more sessions with it.

Drypull: 85/100
sweet florals, candy, OG gas, lemon and pine. Herbal Muskyness

Burn & Taste 88/100
Clean and smooth, Expando lung. Sweet skittley florals, candy gas, lemon pine OG gas, herbal musky spice, herbal musky Cheesyness, background gmo musky chemdawg funk, sour dankness, diesel.

Effect 85/100 potency 82/100
Mid range here, it was nice body buzz, warm fuzzy with gravitational chest pull. The mind was hybrid, at first more energy focus creativity, with light stoneyness, but after 1.5 hours it turns more relaxed and sleepy, it takes like 3 to feel it, & 6 puffs for me to get properly baked, lasting 1.5 hours from the 3 puffs, the 6 puffs lasts 2.25 hours.

Overall 82/100
It’s good. Solid, checks the boxes. And super fair ticket on my dinner. My dinner was delivered fast af!

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