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Strain Review: Orange Juice by Team Elite Genetics

Orange Juice Lineage/Genetics: (TEG TANGIE X GRANDMAS COOKIES X 90s GREEN CRACK) Original Breeder/Grower: Team Elite Genetics @teamelitegenetics Terpene Profile: Unknown

Orange Juice Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

This Orange Juice is something special. I’ve come to find Team elite only has special strains. It’s small batch exotics at its finest every single jar, let’s dive into another gnarly review. Aroma 96.5/100 Hardcore tangie, orange, citrus, pineapple mango. It does have the herbal musky cheese layer, but a sweet & sour crisp floral note stands out more then the herbal musk, causing a sweet candy crisp orange juice terp. that musk has a hidden gmo onion funk & cookie terp beneath the other heavy trop flavors. skunk, lemon gas, diesel, sour fruity Danks also linger in the background. Appeal 96/100 Exotic leafy organic structure, from the clean soil grow and zero pgrs, but properly nugged and dense! Breaking apart reveals chunky layered leafy structure of nice tight density. Covered In the thickest forest of trichomes. Outers have medium length, huge heads, inners are longer with insanely huge wet heads. Super sticky greasy and moist, juicy af, but it’s also dried proper, and crisp to the snap. Perfect finish!! Longest wildest pistils, bright tangie orange, against the greens and light greens and yellows gives a tropical tangie appearance, matching the aroma pound for juicy pound. Burn 96/100 Taste 95/100 Perfect burn, pure white ash with some grey, drip off the rip, fat motor oil terp ring. Very tasty, tangie orange tropical citrus, with hazy herbals, musks, & cheese. The musk has hidden gmo creamy cookie & onion funk terp. But a sweet floral layer makes the musk sweet. Lemon candy? Gassy, diesel, skunky. Dry pull had tangie citrus, black licorice candy, gmo cookie musk, sour danks. Effects 95/100 potency 92/100 Cleanest effects! Sativa heavy vibes, but no anxiety, very calming, body is relaxed with a heavy melty buzz The mind which has uplifted focus creativity & euphoria. The euphoria provides a Stoney warm fuzzy vibe while remaining clearheaded., 5 puffs to feel baked & 3hours duration, Overall 95.75/100 Perfection in all categories, explaining its 3 HTCC’s. By far the best tangie I’ve had. Nothing is ever for sale #calibudreviews #teamelitegenetics #orangejuicestrain

Orange Juice May 2022 Review

Orange Juice @teamelitegenetics Oj Macros on @cali_bud_reviews2.0 Alright guys, my nose is finally back so it’s time for some elite terps! Today we have my beloved orange juice! Appeal: 94/100 mid greens to light greens, tangie sativa vibes, leafy organic, but leafy dense, no pgr density. The outsides are soft and squishy, but with a slight crispness from the proper dry, great cure, giving the nugs a soft, moist, sticky finish. The inners are greasy and resinous, with perfect wet trichome heads. Stalks are thin, long, with medium but well defined heads, giving the freshly salted look. Trich coverage is decently thick. The fiery orange pistils steal the show with insane maximum coverage & open exposed length, similar to a haze strain. The shape of the nugs are nice even round/triangle/spear bushes. The nug size has improved from last review, 3-5 nug eighths in the OJ now. (Some of these smalls pictures are from last jar) Aroma: 96/100 the tangie orange mango tropical citrus layer is unreal juicy and crisp. With heavy herbal musks, spices, and pungent pepper fuel, Terpinolene sweet chemical pungency, green crack sour danks, sweet skunks, candy gas, sweet fruity florals. Light creamy cookie / chemd notes under the fruits, herbals, sweets, fuels, candy’s, pungency’s and florals. Burn 96/100 taste 94/100 See both videos, perfect burn, FATTEST MOTOR OIL TERP DRIP, super white ash, lil grey, rare pepper, taste were chemd musky, herbal spicey, pepper fuel, orange juicy tangie tropical terps, with Terpinolene pungency and sweets. Hidden green crack florals and fruits. Effect: 95/100 potency 90/100 Heavy body buzz, thick warm melted relaxed chest and stomach rush, cloudy in body, mind is clear but Stoney, light focus, great uplifted but calmed mood. Much more indica relaxing then expected, with light sativa vibes, This fades into a more background cloudy relaxing buzz, while the mind stays clear but euphorically buzzed. 3hours duration. No anxiety. Overall: 94.5/100 One of the best sativas I’ve had, upgraded nug size, amazing unreal terps, perfect burn, a calming relaxing sativa! Nothing is for sale! #calibudreviews #teamelitegenetics #orangejuicestrain

Orange Juice May 2023 Review

Orange Juice @teamelitegenetics Aroma: 98/100 Powerful, loud, acidic orange tangie terps, juicy & liquidated smelling like an actual cup of orange juice. It has a sharp citrus herbal haze, with a spicey peppery chemical pungency to it. A sharp fuel based burnt skunk mixes with a hint of tropical cheesiness & a Garlic Chem Kush underneath; under the undertones is a mix of sour-danks, floral lavender & melon. I love the lifelikeness to actual liquid orange juice, a clean clear loud exotic expression. This batch is pushing the limits of the volume dial. Appeal: 96.5/100 Tall stretching but chunky open structured sativa build but with extremely thick & fat healthy calyxes. The trichomes have a nice spread, thick and partially clustered on the easily visible inners; showing wet greasy resinous heads that are well intact and medium-large size. The burnt orange pistils really steal the show, escaping those fat Calyx tips in mass gathering with wild length and bushy girth to them. The nugs are moist, soft, sticky, sappy to the touch, greasy and resinous, it has some of the ‘frozen finish’ type crispness to the break up but it is mostly moist showing a medium trichome stretch but with tons of greasy finger residue. A Smoke: 96.5/100 Ash: 96.5/100 Drip: 94/100 flavor: 98/100 flavor retention: 98/100 Clean white ash, drip off the rip that grows to a fat puddled terp ring. The flavor is strong on the mouth inhale & exhale, emphasizing the acidic juiciness of orange tangie, the garlic gas, cheesy skunky trop, herbal haze/peppery pungency & the sour green crack melon florals. The flavor increases until the roach dies, lip smacking good finish. The smoke is sweet & smooth, but also gassy w/ lung pressure. Consistent A1 smoke to the bone. Effect: 98/100 Potency 96/100 My favorite effect profile from a sativa. It has energy uplift social confidence and motivation but it also has strong calming relaxing bake, both full body & mind; a strong entourage effect brings supreme effect satisfaction, w/ a rejuvenated ending. Overall: 97.6/100 Continued Comments NFSOT! Product reviews for 21+ patients only! #teamelitegenetics #calibudreviews #strainreview #orangejuicestrain Overall: 97.6/100 Amazing terps that make me wonder how that’s possible in cannabis, life like orange juice. The appeal is insane with stat signature team elite static electric shock type calyxed out structure and pistol displays, insanely resinous trichomes, the smoke is a1 flavor and flavor retention, pure white ash and a gnarly drip. The effects made me love sativas since I was previously indica biased. Orange juice is at the top of the food chain for top notch strains that delivers wowing-satisfaction each session @teamelitegenetics
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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