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Strain Review: Orange Cookie Dough by Fresh Baked

OFFICIAL ORANGE COOKIE DOUGH 4G SMALLS @fresh_baked__ @krd_inc Genetics: orange juice x Girl Scout cookies Original Breeder: Fresh Baked Grower: Fresh Baked Terpene Profile: Unknown

Orange Cookie Dough Strain Review

THC: 27.74% TOTAL: 32.86% Harvest: 10/15/21 packaged: 10/25/21 > hybrid #wearelongbeachfarmers #teamfreshbaked #freshbaked4life First impression- so these ‘smalls’ are the best ‘smalls’ to be come across, the size is still good, the same size some brands use as their normal size nugs. WEIGHT CHECK- 4.26 supposed to be 4g 120/100 (last video) AROMA- a musky funky layer of hops is behind a skunky kushy doughy creamy orange cookie scent 92/100 APPEAL – mostly purple nugs with greenhighlights. Thick trichrome coverage. Resinous Silver streaking. The hairs are very prominent and strong and vibrant!, Density is hard and tight but nice and soft when grinded!, cure is also perfect. Chunky goodness that matches the real eighths but just slightly smaller! 92/100 SMOKE & TASTE-. Smoke clean and pure!Thick cookie layer, with an orange citrus cookie doughy background. Some kind of musky hops or barley or some type of vegetable smell has been on all these FRESHBAKED strains. It’s gnarly. 94/100 EFFECT (terps) & POTENCY (thc/canna)-. Extremely good. Hits potent, and relaxing, but mentally alive. I wouldn’t call it alert but body is relaxed mentally is lightly stoned but still active to do stuff . Pain in kidney is non existent. Anxiety curbed, nausea cured! 93/100 Puff or Pass: PUFF, fresh baked is 5/5 so far, with literally the bests of these strain types available. compare2: @cannabiotix @cali_lotus @kushco3 @connected.california Overall: 93.5/100 Nothing is for sale! PHOTOGRAPHY AND REVIEWS ONLY!! #420 #710 #cannabis #cannabisreview #cannabiscup #cannabiscommunity #ᴡᴇᴇᴅᴘᴏʀɴ #sandiegoweed #sandiego420 #californiaweed #calibudreviews #californiacannabis #kush #indica #sativa #growyourown #weed420 #hash #socal420 #weed #ᴡᴇᴇᴅᴀʀᴛ #cbxlife #710labs #weedstagram #orangecookiedoughstrain #orangecookiedough #freshbakedsmalls
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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