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Vape Review: Tropicana Cookies Solventless Cart by Jetty Extracts

Continuing the Jetty Extracts reviews with this Trop Cookies vape cart made only with ice and water. Lineage/Genetics: Tangie x GSC Original Breeder: Oni Seed Co. Grower: Jetty Farm Processor: Jetty Extracts Terpene Profile: Beta Caryophyllene Dominant (BCary 3.0321%, a-Humulene .7561%, Limonene 0.5496%) Test results:

Jetty Extracts Tropicana Cookies Cartridge Review

tropicana cookies rosin cartridge by jetty extracts vape review by caleb chen I do have to start this off by saying that I find 0.5g cartridges to be a completely unnecessary SKU. There aren’t that many realistic scenarios, besides if you’re .5g away from your concentrate limit at the dispo, to sell or buy a cart like this over a 1g – and that’s just considering the seller and buyer and not the environment. I will say this though, a .5g load out on a cotton wicking cart is probably your only chance at avoiding discoloration and other undesirable aesthetic and palette changes. Enough about my hippie dippie gripes, back to the cart. The trop cookies rosin in the cart is between gold and straw yellow. No discoloration at all even at the end of the cart. The wood tip is a nice feel on the mouth. A disposable vape cartridge is significantly better than a disposable vape. Period, and I’m glad Jetty Extracts is forgoing disposables (lithium). This vape is good for everything from a wake n bake to late at night and has a pretty controllable but in-your-head high. It’s not too racy or fidgety by any means. I posit that the high levels of Beta Caryophyllene have definitely turned the stereotypical Tropicana Cookies high and made it… something more mellow and possibly more attractive to a wider audience. I personally enjoyed it, but those handful of people looking for the flavor, color, or taste of trop cookies that they remember from flower of a decade ago, might not find it here.
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