Vape Review: Runtz Maxx Pod by ReUp Farms

Maxx by @maxxflavor with @mynogero Runtz pod @reupfarms ✨

Processor: ReUp Farms

Vaporizer Brand: Nogero

Runtz Maxx Pod Vape Review

runtz maxx pod by reup farms vape review by pnw_chronicMaxx is a personal vaporizer that utilizes Nogero’s individual 500-mg or .5-g pods. It’s a rectangular battery that’s about 3.5 inches in length, or about 4.25 inches with a pod attached. The battery itself is sleek with a smooth grip. The size is perfect for carrying around in a pocket or or in small bag, but just a bit too big to be palmed 100% inconspicuously. That being said, the appearance of the vaporizer itself is similar to nicotine vaping devices, so it’s easy to take incognito hits from the Maxx in public 🕵️‍♂️

The pods themselves are small, disposable containers with a magnetic bottom that clicks into the Maxx naturally. When the pod is inserted, the device vibrates and briefly lights up to indicate that it’s ready to go. The pod is clear and easy to see through to determine how much concentrate is in the container at any given time. The sauce is an FSE with individual terpene, live/cured resin, and decarboxylated “fractions” extracted from the plant 🔬

The FSE I reviewed was a Runtz extract from Re-Up farm’s flower. The flavor splashes the taste buds with a cloyingly sweet candied taste with layers of light fruitiness, airy cream, and tempered earthy notes. It translates from the flower flawlessly, providing a delectable and accurate profile. The flavor wanes as the cart is consumed, but it still maintains a sugary tinge to the hits. The effect itself smacks the user hard but is somewhat ephemeral. The settings are low, medium, and high temperature, but the Maxx hits smoothly and flavorfully regardless of the setting 🍬

All in all, I really enjoyed testing the Maxx with Nogero’s product. If I were to look at this device as a replacement for the c-cell, I think it exceeds the technology in every single way. It’s visually cleaner and more conspicuous, while providing better flavor with a cleaner and less harsh smoke. Even the high feels a bit more impactful and longer lasting. I can’t speak to long term use, wear and tear, or even other flavors because I only reviewed one cart, but my initial impression is that the Nogero Maxx is an excellent vaporization device 🔥



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