Vape Review: Santa Ynez Valley Refined Live Resin Cart by Raw Garden


Lineage/Genetics: Animas valley X Santa ynez valley breeze

Breeder/Grower/Processor: Raw Garden

Santa Ynez Valley Refined Live Resin Review

Packaged: 1/04/22

Shout out to my boy @pernst9 for being a solid friend. A Good old win win situation made this review happen and I appreciate it big time.

Appeal: 90/100
Simple but clean packaging.

Air bubble: 97/100
Perfect size, small and tight.

Aroma: 93/100
Gas! Diesel, lemon, pine, sour dankness, sweets, citrus and fruity backgrounds. Lil Herbal spice and tiny floral.

Smoke 94/100 Taste 92/100
Super clean and pure!! But Expands lungs! Taste are OGS, gases, diesels, pine, lemon, with herbal spice next, then some slight florals underneath, a background citrus and fruitiness is hidden under the sour-dankness. Floral fruity sweetness comes out more on exhale some puffs.

Effect 93/100 Potency 95/100
Very strong, Instant chest pressure, headband buzz, eyes drop, intense potency rush, that fades into a heavy indica, but good mood uplifted vibe. Very good with eliminating worry and anxiety, body buzz deep relaxation. Mental is Stoney but uplifted. 2-3 puffs have effects of 3 hours easily, gets me to each work break with ease, relaxation, Stoney, and uplifted good happy vibes, calming.

Overall: 93.5/100
Amazing, raw garden sets a very high standard in thc vape products. Not the absolute best available, but consistently checking every box in big ways.

Nothing is ever for sale

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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