Vape Review: Thuya Burl Woodscents Custom Log Vape by Ed’s TnT

Sesshin’ with my Thuya Burl Woodscents log vape crafted by @eds_tnt_ –

Woodscents in Moroccan Thuya Burl Log Vape Review

woodscents log vape by ed's tnt vape review by jean_roulin_420Such a stunning piece, showing an endless array of colors & patterns 😍

It’s my first log type vaporizer, just got it yesterday but so far i’m amazed by this vaping style ! Such an efficient & customizable experience with all the stems & accesories Ed kindly gives you 🙏

Playing with it feels like a ritual, i love the feeling. Packing the ti-tip with tiny amounts & getting huge tasty & potent hits of thick vapor😋😍🚀

It really shines as an on demand one or two hitter with its efficient heater & small bowl size !

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