Vape Review: Xeno x Kryptochronic Cured Resin Cart by Alien Labs

Xeno x Kryptochronic

Processor: Alien Labs

Xeno x Kryptochronic Cured Resin Cart Review

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Packaged: 11/15/21 THC: 78.85% CANNA: 85.00%

Kyrptochronic live resin was amazing, xeno cured resin was close to that. Now let’s check out xeno and kyrptochronic combined into one cured resin cart!

Appeal: 100/100
Sleek, sharp! White on black! Looks attractive! I liked the green on black better but still sharp!

Air bubble: 80/100
This bubble noticeably bigger then the other 2 carts.. still okay tho

Aroma: 80/100
Hard to smell anything prior to first hit but hints of root beer tootsie pop chocolate creamy herbal musk cheese from kyrptochronic and a sweet dank gas background from xeno

Dry pull: 80/100
Hard to taste dry pull prior to first hit… hints of cream cakey gelatos and sweet gas.

Smoke 95/100 Taste 95/100
Takes after the krypto mostly, with the tootsie pop chocolate root beer creamy cakey dark herbal musky thick tastes, but with a dank sweet floral gassy diesel punegent xeno background. Burns a bit but smooth. Way better then distillate, but not smooth like solventless. Good Middle ground!

Effect 92/100 Potency 92/100
Strong head change, body is equally hit. The head change is relaxed, major stoneage, mind slowed at first (focus returns up 30 min later), restful peaceful tranquil vibes. The body is almost couch locked but not quite. But pain relief and a good body buzz make it very enjoyable. 3 blinkers does the job. Potent af

Overall: 92/100. The kyrpto live resin cart was the best becuase it was live resin and live resin is better then cured.. but this (xeno X kyrpto) was my favorite for flavor! Best of both worlds! Need to try the xeno flower!!!

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