Strain Review: Guava Malasada by Synergy Cannabis

Guava Malasada 🍈🍩

Lineage/Genetics: Guava ❎ Forum Cookies ❎ Trippy ❎ Heirloom Purple Thai

Original Breeder: Synergy Cannabis

Grower: Synergy Cannabis

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Guava Malasada Strain Review

31.98% THC
38.28% Total Cannabinoids
The flower is dark and vibrant with hues of indigo and forest green with some nugs leaning one way or the other. Dusty orange pistils fill in whatever spaces they can with wild hairy clusters that give the nugs an unrefined look. When you break the flower down the nugs get more vivid in color. Trichomes are frosted on like sugar on donuts, the shine they give off resembles the reflective design of the bag. The flower is soft sticky moist and a little grainy due to the the caked on trichomes.
Guava notes fill and stain your nose with creamy hints of earthy vanilla and fruity grapey hints on the backend
Fruity powerful guava taste with a heavy creamy smoke with hints of Earth that give off a slight fruity pastry like taste. The smoke is smooth heavy and potent with a slight dulled kick
The first few puffs put my mind at ease and at peace, the followed a welcoming uplifting and euphoric mood change that left me feeling very social. We decided to drive up to Lake Merrit and take a walk while we smoked on another blunt. The high is long lasting a potent and left my head in the clouds for a long time, i really enjoyed my self an quality time with this one. Picked this up sometime in the summer, Great for scenic experiences and dealing with stress and anxiety.



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