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Glass Review: Phuncky Feel Tips by Roor x BReal

Phuncky feel tips By @roorglass and @breal Now these have been out for a while but I decided to give this a little run down. Glass manufacturer: Roor

Phuncky Feel Tips Review

On the quality aspect, everyone knows that roor glass is absolutley top notch glass and these little suckers do not lack in that department, the tip slipped out as I was tightening my jay fell about 4 feet to the floor and bounced on my concrete floor, i was worried that it was destroyed but pleasantly to my suprise the glass was in tact, no chips no cracks still in one whole piece. The glass is thick as it would be on any roor glass product, hand blown and come in lots of different designs, this is just the 3 pack option you can buy it even comes with a convenient case and comes with one rounded tip and two flat wide mouth tips. I tried the wide mouth tips, it was a little hard getting used to rolling with that heavy glass tube at the back but once I got it in tight it wasn’t going anywhere, with practice it will eventually just be natural rolling with these tips, I gave a dry pull of the gsb baseball bat i rolled, man this tip really opens up the flavor of the joint alot and its a nice smooth base that rests on your lips as you smoke, i finished the jay and the glass was a little dirty but not nearly as resinated as i thought it would be, each puff on the joint is very nice full and smooth, and i do believe it helped with the quality of air flow in the doobie,each hit was extremly smooth and the jay had no run to it and smoked like a cigarette with my go to raw papers. No cannabis fell through the glass as you pulled and it also allows you to kill the jay without burning your fingers or lips. This product is amazing and give @breal and @roorglass 5 stars for this product. It has convienience, portability, quality, and scientific methods applied to the applications when these are made, they deffinetly increase the quality of your smoking experience and are awesome because they are reusable, just toss em in rubbing alcohol and salt and let em soak, they’ll be good as new. Go out and get yourself a set of these if your looking for a higher exquisite experience with your joints and treat yourself like the king or queen you are!
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Check out more reviews by @cannasaurus_rex_reviews on Instagram! (

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