Strain Review: Fruit Helmet #3 by Ocean Grown Seeds

Fruit Helmet #3
Gifted by the awesome folks over @_terpyturtles_

Lineage/Genetics: Ninja Fruit x Dark Helmet

Original Breeder: Ocean Grown Seeds

Fruit Helmet #3 Strain Review

Appearance – From the moment I opened the bag it looked beautiful, an almost limey earthy green color, orangish red hairs and frosted in a layer of trichs, I was intrigued from the start.

Smell – As the bag opened the room filled with a essence of a fresh fruit cocktail and tappered into a sweet earthy scent, upon the grind the flower gave off a mix of strawberries,apples and juicy ripe cantaloupe the nose finished of nicely with a smooth soil scent.

Taste – I loaded my bubbler up and snapped a fat rip, the taste was a little underwhelming, I was hoping for a tasty mouth full of citrus and sweetness, instead it was just a very plain taste, just like earthy cannabis, just weed. Don’t get me wrong it was not bad but just fell short of my expectations.

Effects – One hit and I could feel a slight pressure in the back of my eyes, I gave it about 4 minutes than ripped a 2nd fat rip I did not feel to much of a difference, a little more of a ballon headed feeling. I than had to rip about 2.5 more before I was where I wanted to be at. I feel quite relaxed, my arms and head feel very heavy, I can feel the rest of the buzz creeping up on me, making me sleepy and leaving me with a bad case of cotton mouth.

I myself will give this strain a 3.75 stars, it has the looks, the smell and the effects were nice once you get there, the taste was so so. I recommend this strain for anyone looking for a lighter indica to relax them and help them sleep, or even for beginner smokers but would not be my go to strain. A good one to have in the arsenal but not a necessary.

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