Missouri Ganjier Morgan Seaman shares his cannabis story

One of the greatest parts of the Ganjier program is getting to know all of my peers that have signed up for the program and passed the rigorous exams. I caught up with Morgan Seaman (@missouri_ganjier on Instagram) to share his cannabis story with the world. I’m already looking forward to a sesh over AYCE sushi, next time!

An interview with The Missouri Ganjier, Morgan Seaman

Can you share a little with us about your history with cannabis?

I was a relative newcomer to cannabis when I began smoking in my early 20’s while at Pittsburg State University (Kansas).  I was into creating art and music, and cannabis was a way to access portions of my emotional self (expression), as well as lubricating social interactions with others.  I played football, beginning in 2nd grade until my freshman year in college, and (I suspect) that repeated battering left my body and brain in need inflammation reduction.  With a family history of Crohn’s and hypertension, I also discovered using cannabis controls and maintain those symptoms.

What’s the oldest cannabis product that you’ve consumed and how? How was it?

I have smoked some traditional market flower which smelled like straight urea (the bad kind) that was probably a year old and stored in plastic animal cracker containers; the throat sting is burned in my mind.

What are some of your favorite cultivars?

I have consumed many different varietals in my 20+ years of experiencing cannabis, the very best ones are those which have been grown in sustainable, regenerative, organic methods.  My favorites include: Sierra Family Farm’s ‘AM Lime’ Sunnabis’ ‘Ice Cream Cake’ Kevin Jodrey’s ‘Willy Nelson’

What is your preferred method of consuming cannabis?

Smoking.  I use a GRAV Gandalf (my go-to piece) or a rolled joint (to assess flower)

What’s your go to munchie?

Water and whatever sweet snacks that are laying around.  If I am being particular, I reach out for the Pinwheels (chocolate covered marshmallow soft cookie things). Along that line, what is the most interesting food and cannabis pairing you have experienced or come up with? Sushi!  Flooding your system with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from the fish will play nicely with the cannabinoids flowing throughout.  Not only is it trying to pair flavors and textures, but totality of the physical, social and spiritual experience.

How would you describe your mission and vision in the cannabis space?

My previous profession was that of an educator and mentor- working alongside disenfranchised youth in building life-skills and resilience in the foster care and juvenile justice systems. My mission in this new space has not changed- educating and empowering patients in choosing the best mode and method in the cannabinopathic care. The long-term goal is to operate a regenerative, organic craft farm and creative skills space.  A place where folks can come to learn the traditional skills (farming, woodworking, storytelling, foraging, etc.) that have been distilled from our lives since the mechanization of daily life.

What are you working on nowadays? What differences in cannabis regulations should visitors to Missouri be aware of?

I am working on building a framework in which to launch my consultation/assessment services in Missouri (and eventually Kansas- if they can get their shit together).  Very few people in Missouri are familiar with the functions of a Ganjier- so education and outreach play a key role. Currently Missouri is a medical state, but that may change in November ‘22 when Missourians will vote on the adult use issue.  There is a sizable portion of folks in the Missouri cannabis community who do not wish to see this pass- as it will concretize the current big business monopoly and limit the number of new players into the adult use market.

Would you like to share a funny story from the legacy days?

Kids these days won’t understand what it’s like to get a QP that was broken off the corner of a brick that rode across the border in a truck tire, compacted and full of stems and black seeds.  I didn’t see a complete inflorescence of the plant (nugs as we called them) until I moved to a (larger) college town in North Eastern Kansas.

In the classic /r/trees scale of 1 to 10 high, how high are you right now?

Currently, a 3 (09/12/22-  11:04am) currently currently (09/13/22- 9:48am):  7

Are there any other projects, yours or others, that you’d like to shout out?

I am a participant in a breeding project with an autoflower growers collective (Steal These Seeds) that will take a year or so.  I will eventually use my Ganjier expertise to assess the F2 generation of this collective project.  I am so very fortunate and grateful to be included!
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