Strain Review: Soft Serve by Northbay Gardens x LoKeyFarms x M&P Gardens

Soft Serve 🍨 🍦

Lineage/Genetics: [PBG4 X 41 Sherb Bx1]

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Northbay Gardens x LoKeyFarms x M&P Gardens

Class: Exotic [NorCal]
Powered and Cultivated
By: @northbay_gardens707 @growlokey @mnp_gardens

Smell | Flavor: Getting down to it, the aroma of this flavor is just as sweet as it’s counterparts, but with a little extra. There’s an actual sweet cream finish on, not exactly candy-terps, but almost a birthday cake like flavor that’s very pleasing. As you roll it up, you’re invited to experience that with a short smoky-like hit from what taste of gelato. All around an enjoyable one for the flavor chasers.

The High: This high comes off as a hybrid high with heavy notes to it. Strike it up, and you’re welcomed to that sweet, nearly gelato-ish terp with a gassy add-on. It’s smooth, so you could continue to pull from the blunt easy but don’t let that fool you. Each hit felt elevated, and my entire outer aura was beaming. Definitely a No-Fucks-Given type of flower, because smoking it brings your mental to a calming point. Halfway through, the brain and body buzz synch, and you should be big chilling in a space. This is one of those mental boost highs, or even one to boost productivity and help you flow.

Dope’s Thoughts: Overall, a big hitter in some marks in which I could smoke it all day. I do wish this strain hit me a bit more as a personal grievance, but it compensates with heavy flavor from the PeanutButterGelato and Sherb parents.

This gets a solid 7/10 straight, from me 💯

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