Edible Review: Purple Passion Classic Soda by Keef Classics

Manufactured by BevCanna Operating Corp.
Packaged: Feb 03,2023
THC per unit: 10mg
Units per package: 10mg, 355 mL, 164 calories/0g fat/30g sugar/per can
My first Keef Classic soda (or pop as we like to say in Canada) was memorable, in Humbolt, California. We didn’t yet have the brand up north and after get back to my room after a dispensary visit I managed to pry of the plastic ring designed to keep kids (and many adults) out.  I opened the can only to have it explode in my face.
I picked up the Keef Classic Purple Passion which as you may have guessed is a grape flavoured soda pop.  No explosions on this occasion, but still those stupid plastic caps remain.  If I drink one of these 10mg bad boys fast enough I get a lovely high from it that lasts a couple of hours.  Beverages hit faster, harder but shorter, great for social times in my opinion.
The soda itself is a light purple and tastes like your favourite bubbly grape soda.  It’s not quite the same though because it has the edge of that bitter distillate flavour that lingers on the palate.  Normally, this would bother me because it’s a reminder that I’m drinking an overpriced cannabis drink but the extract flavour blends in quite nicely with the grape flavour, quite complimentary, so less noticeable than other similar beverages.
The drink is tasty, with a true grape soda taste but has so much fucking sugar, that I have to detract points.  With 30g of sugar per can you’ve reached your daily recommended sugar intake in one gulp.  Better as an occasional treat than in the regular rotation for those thinking about their health.
Rating: 5/10
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