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Strain Review: Magnum Turtle by SF Canna

#magnumturtle @sfcanna @freddiebigg @cannabizchris415 @nikkiaka_ms.purple @highniss_ @_fucklucass_ @madmax916310 @anti_mids_club @amc.tstrees @thethcspot @thehighestcritic @thejojosnaps @joncappetta @thefirescale @zerofuxthecannabisconnoisseur Lineage/Genetics🧬: Turtle Pie x Magnum Opus (Sour Diesel x Afghani x Purple Kush) Original Breeder: Turtle Pie Co Grower: SF Canna Terpene Profile: Unknown

SF Canna Magnum Turtle Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

magnum turtle by sf canna strain review by phenoreviews Pckg: 01/17/23 THC: 27.38% CBD: 0.05% This version of this strain is from SFCanna and I have also tried the turtle pie version. The taste on inhale is a complex musky skunky gas with undertones of deep dark berries and fruits, more subtle sour than sweet coating the taste buds fully complex taste of almost coffee beans, fuel and mushrooms. Great pressure😤😤, clean and smooth smoke 💨. The exhale was more of the continuation of the ending of the inhale as those funky gas notes interchange with a mix of like bitter wine grapes dropped on a forest floor but hadn’t rain in awhile, definitely a unique flavor. The head high was moderate, not as immediate feeling but longer lasting cerebral effects. Slight euphoria with more Stoney vibes, little to no focus, slight haze depending on amount consumed and couch lock effects guaranteed. Anti anxiety, calming/relaxing and anti headaches properties present. The body high is where this strain truly shines as it’s medicinal effects are some of the strongest I’ve ever encountered due to the % of cbg in flower so this strain is definitely great for restoring and healing ❤️‍🩹. Anti inflammatory properties, great relaxation for recovery and some sedation so helpful with pain relief and for insomnia sufferers. Taste: 9.25 High: 9.75 Overall: A1+🔥🔥💨💨💚💚💚 This strain was good with turtle pie and I think even better done with the cultivation from SFCanna. This has to get the A1+ just simply for the medicinal and recuperative properties present. Magnum turtle does the mind good but really great for the body and overall recovery. 😇🙏🏼 magnum turtle by sf canna strain review by phenoreviews 2 #magnumturtle #sfcanna #topshelf #wedontsmokethesame #smokebetter #smokesmarter #antimidsclub #amcorgohome #qualityoverquantity #thefloracle #fresherpressure #pickiestofthestickiest #treatyourselfdontcheatyourself
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