How to stop a joint from “canoeing?”

Take a long look at this joint, do you see what’s wrong with it? If you’ve lit up a jay and this has happened to you, you have been the unfortunate victim of a term in stoner world called “canoeing”. Its called this because, well, it kinda looks like a canoe right? 10pts for creativity there canna community. 🀣

Why does my joint keep canoeing?

This typically is a very annoying side effect of bad rolling, and wind. If there’s too much room between the paper and bud, your joint may burn unevenly because they aren’t rolled tight enough. Also, the wind could definitely play a role in causing this to happen.

How to stop a joint from canoeing?

A few quick solutions to this:

1. Smoke in a more enclosed area
2. Rotate the joint as you light it, to make sure all sides are heating evenly
3. Moisten the faster burning side to slow it down
4. Use a stronger heat force (like a dab torch) to light the slower burning end.

Do you have any more tips for canoeing joints? Let the community know in the comments! πŸ‘‡πŸŒΏπŸ’¨

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