Why does cannabis make me feel creative?

@thecannaartist asks: “Why does cannabis make me feel creative?”

And after some deep reading, I may just have an answer!

Why does cannabis make me feel creative?

Steve Jobs, a brilliant mind, was once quoted saying:

“The best way I could describe the effect of the marijuana and hashish is that it would make me relaxed and creative.”

Many artists and other creators feel that cannabis has the ability to stimulate their creativity. 🧠

The research I read, focused on cannabis sativa, and it found that it was able to reduce inhibitory control, and stimulate dopamine release within our CB1 receptors. This means, that cannabis can suppress your mind’s natural urge to quit when a task seems too hard, and opens up the door for uninhibited thinking, with the extra dopamine helping to destress and improve your mood. This was seen with low dose THC.

With high doses of THC, the results were actually opposite! I also discovered that the concept of creativity is a very debated subject, and the paper narrowed it down to two different thought processes: divergent and convergent. Divergent thinking is the method of finding multiple solutions to a single problem, whereas convergent thinking is finding a single well defined solution to a problem.

They concluded that THC can improve the process for divergent thinkers, but can make convergent thinking a little more difficult.

Are you a divergent or convergent thinker?

Drop your comments and let’s talk about it! Have questions? DM me! Thanks for reading, and as always, stay high fam!

A link to the full article πŸ‘‡ https://rdcu.be/bZHMb

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