How are cannabis concentrates extracted?

If you’re new to cannabis, or if it’s been a while, cannabis concentrates – or extracts as they’re often called – can appear to be a intimidating new option. There are many different methods of extracting concentrates, and a growing variety of finished products to choose from. 🤔

How are cannabis concentrates extracted?

In today’s post, we look at a few of these different choices and how they’re made!

How is Wax made?

*Wax* is processed by blasting cannabis trimmings and buds with liquified butane to separate the trichomes from the plant matter. The cannabinoid mixture is then purged of as much butane as possible. The end result typically resembles hasish, to a gooier, more solid form. These textures are due to the agitation process!

How is Shatter made?

*Shatter* is transluscent and usually can seem similar to a glass shard, it is extracted using the same methods as wax! However, instead of agitation, the mixture is left to rest and settle into a thin sheet.

How is Live Resin made?

*Live Resin* often is considered to be the better product of butane extractions, technicians use fresh buds that have been frozen at the peak of ripeness. This helps to preserve the terpenes and other important cannabinoids. Live resin is processed using a complex system of extraction chambers that result in a purer substance, free of any solvents!

How is Rosin made?

*Rosin* called the cleanest extract, rosin can be just as potent as the other extracts mentioned above, without using any chemicals to get the job done! This method is considered easier, as all that’s really required is heat, pressure, and a steady hand. At temps around 120-165°C, rosin is squeezed from cannabis buds and result in a sticky little chip ready to be dabbed!

How are THCA Diamonds made?

*THC-A Diamonds* these are monoliths within the dabbing community, and relatively new! Diamonds are considered to be purest and most potent cannabis concentrates, with THC yields up to 99%! Commonly, they are extracted from live resin extracts, and go through an extreme and complicated purging process that can take up to 72 hours to complete, ridding the diamonds of all solvents, and terpenes. Resulting in THC that is in it’s purest, crystalline form!

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Alejandro Perez is the owner of CannaQuestions, an educational community for cannabis consumers. Find his page on Instagram @cannaquestions, or visit the official website!

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Alejandro Perez is the owner of CannaQuestions, an educational community for cannabis consumers. Find his page on Instagram @cannaquestions, or visit the official website!

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