Why does cannabis make me laugh?

As most purveyors of pot can tell you, cannabis can make you laugh, geek out, and giggle. Whether your friend just told you an amazing joke, or if a scene on The Office just got super cringe, cannabis can dramatically increase your reaction to humor. But what does the science say about what’s really going on in our brains?

Why does cannabis make me laugh?

According to a pharmacologic study completed by JT Schnieder in 2006, when cannabis is consumed, THC is absorbed into your blood and then is pulled into your brain where it then, binds to our cannabinoid receptors. Binding to these receptors activates a system in our brains known as the mesolimbic system, which causes our brains to release greater amounts of dopamine and endorphins. Laughter is already a direct result of an influx of dopamine, so it’s almost as if you have an overflow of dopamine when you’re high!

Just when you thought cannabis couldn’t get any better, as studies from Yale University’s scientific department pointed out, laughter is also very therapeutic. It can increase your pain tolerance, lower blood glucose levels in patients suffering from type 2 diabetes, aid in depression and anxiety, and contributes to the production of nitric oxide in our bodies which aids in the protection of our cardiovascular system!

So, what should we take home from this information? Smoke more, laugh more, live more. 🤣🌿💨

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