Can you pair cannabis and yoga?

Cannabis and Yoga, two practices that have been a part of human culture for centuries! But how do they pair? To some, this question may seem like a no brainer, but let’s look at the research. πŸ€“

Can you pair cannabis and yoga?

We know that CBD is beneficial in fighting inflammation, nausea, and muscle tension. As it’s legal status evolves, practitioners in many areas have actually started adopting the use of infused oils into their sessions.

In states where cannabis legalization has reached its full tilt, groups like in Colorado, offer the unique experience of guided yoga and meditation whilst consuming THC. Yogis in favor of flowing through their vinyasa while stoned, point to the history books to support their use.

Ancient yogis often consumed bhang, as well as hashish, as a part of a daily meditation ritual which included asana. Many yoga students have a difficult time truly feeling a connection to their bodies, and I can contend to that! As we’ve talked about before, THC has the capability to stimulate cannabinoid receptors in our brains and muscle tissues. Thanks to this reaction, the psychoactive effects of cannabis can help yogis bridge that gap and feel a greater melding of their minds, and bodies.

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