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Candy Chrome #27 + Banana Punch #4 Rosin Infused Donut Doink by 710 Labs

Candy Chrome27 + Banana Punch4 ROSIN INFUSED Donut doink @710labs Lineage/Genetics: Candy Chrome #27 and Banana Punch #4 Processor: 710 Labs

Candy Chrome #27 x Banana Punch #4 Donut Doink Review

Dispo: NA “the list” . THC: 389.30mg Package: 12.10.21 I’ve always wanted a real donut doink after making my homemade collabs that had very minimial skill lol! This was a nice change for the real deal. However, making your own with their rosin cheaper but harder! FULL VERSION ON YOUTUBE WITH MORE CLIPS! Aroma & dry pull 95/100 sweet candy gas, runts. Minty menthol gas. Then the banana fruit sweet gassy sour dank terps come out next, followed by that purple punchy type velvety creamy cakey after scent. Herbal musky/ candy gas/ sweet fruit/ menthol/ purple cream Taste: 95/100 Herbal musky funk that has a menthol gassy touch, but a secondary candy gas that’s might sweet but extra gassy comes next. The banana punch slaps you sour dank sweet fruit terps, that have a creamy cake velvet purple punch side to it. All together it makes a sweet but gassy desert profile that has herbal musky heavy tendencies. Smoke 88/100 Could’ve been a 100.. I know from experience these things are hard to make. But when paying top dollar I really expected it to burn perfect. Which it almost did! Halo terp drips.. pure white ash with some gray. Tasted amazing, pressure but smooth.. but it burned uneven for most the joint. Which kinda made me hesitant to take good rips and kinda wasted a little bit. Effect & potency 97/100 Slapped! As to be expected it was intense body high. Melty and heavy with pain relief. Nausea relief. Major head change, relaxing also but with creative flow. Slight energy behind the hazy cloudy relaxing sleepy buzz. You can feel different buzzes hitting at same time. After 2 hours it wakes you up out of that sleepy haze and gives a light Stoney ride for another hour or 2, making 3-4 hours total. Amazing! Overall: 94.45/100 So amazing!! But it was a tad bit expens. But good for a splurge! Potent tasty! Wish it burned even tho! Def will grab more when I seen strains that light my fire being collabed! Nothing is for sale! PHOTOGRAPHY AND REVIEWS ONLY!! #420 #710 #cannabis #cannabisreview #cannabiscup #sandiegoweed #calibudreviews #710labs #donutdoink #rosininfused #rosininfusedjoints
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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