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CBD Strain: Bubba Kush by Fern Valley Farms

πŸ”₯ Bubba Kush by @fernvalleycbd πŸ”₯ . I just reviewed another Bubba Kush the other day by @texashempculture_official and the two are miles apart.

Bubba Kush CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

This version of Bubba is just as beautiful, it’s super dense, like little rock hard nuggets! The colors are beautiful, different hues of greens and purples decorate the bud and they have a nice even coating of trichomes. The smell is lacking but I get light hints of earthyness. The bud is a little on the dry side so that may have contributed to the lack of smell. The flavor is very earthy on the inhale and on the exhale you get sour earthiness and that sour sticks to the back of your throat. It isn’t harsh at all but it is expansive in your lungs. It comes in at 15.52% cbd. The effects are very light, the only thing I noticed was some anti anxiety properties, but It did nothing for my pain and inflammation. All in all it was a pleasant smoke and I give it a 6 out of 10. @fernvalleycbd always has a nice selection and their buds are definitely worth smoking, check them out sometime, they are always having sales and deals! 😁✌️πŸ”₯ . 🚨For discounts and coupon codes from the top hemp flower companies follow the link in my bio! Enjoy!🚨 . #hempnugs #hempcbd #hempflower #hempflowers #cbdflower #cbdflowers #veganstoner #cbdweed #cbdhemp #cbdreviews #cbdreview #strainreview #strainreviews #weedreviews #hempreview #hempreviews #smokehemp #crafthemp #smokeweedeveryday #nugshot #nugporn #weedporn #hemplife #hempsmokers #crystals #fireweed #dankbuds #danknugs #dankflower #dank
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Check out more reviews by @consciouscloudscbd on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/consciouscloudscbd)

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Check out more reviews by @consciouscloudscbd on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/consciouscloudscbd)

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