Concentrate Review: Grape Pie 90u Fresh Press by Decibel Farms

Decibel Farms focuses on truly sustainable cultivation practices for all of their single source products. From the organic and natural inputs for their soil, to the hemp boxes with plant-based ink, it’s obvious that the team at Decibel puts sustainability at the top of their priorities. In addition to their commitment to sustainability, they also hunt through thousands of genetics to bring loud and unique cultivars to market to meet the ever changing needs of patients and consumers in Oregon.

Lineage/Genetics: Cherry Pie x Grape Stomper

Grower/Processor: Decibel Farms

Dispensary: Today’s Herbal Choice

Grape Pie 90u Fresh Press Review

This Decibel Farms Grape Pie (Cherry Pie x Grape Stomper) 90u fresh press hash rosin had a grape candy aroma that reminded me of the grape syrup used to make snow cones πŸ‡πŸ­ Quite unique and complex with notes of earthy funk coming through as well.

The fresh press came neatly presented as a viscous coin and was pretty easy to work with. The nose was pretty subtle straight out of the fridge but once it warmed up, and especially with a good stir, the smell came out nicely. The rosin changed from a semi-translucent coin to a shiny budder as it matured and took on a smooth texture and strong smell.

The flavor translated very well with strong grape candy dominating the profile. I found the funky earth notes were more pronounced in the dab and it was quite smooth πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ I really enjoyed the profile on this Grape Pie and the taste was more robust than the nose πŸ˜‹

The effects were strong and stoney giving me a slightly stupefying head change and sedating full body relaxation πŸ€— I found the Grape Pie to be quite helpful for unwinding and getting ready for bed 😴

Overall I really enjoyed this Grape Pie hash rosin from Decibel Farms. The aroma was unique and complex, the flavor was fresh and robust, and the medicinal properties were potent πŸ‘πŸΌ

Made 2/24/22

Tested 3/2/22 Chemhistory

Today’s Herbal Choice Barbur

This review was sponsored by Decibel Farms

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