Cultivar Review: 41 Walla Z by Walla Packs

41 Walla Z by @wholelottawalla x @thebakedbodega_ x @thebakedbodega x @bud.of.all.colors

Lineage – Gelato 41 x Z

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Walla Packs

Brand: The Baked Bodega

Terpene Profile: Unknown

41 Walla Z Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

@thebakedbodega_ x @thebakedbodega @wholelottawalla came clutch in the 4th quarter with this 41 cross with Z . I believe is grown in sac, california indoors. This is one of the samples that was shown on episode 4 by @thebakedbodega_ .

The nugs were well cultivated resembling the 41. The eighth came with medium size nugs , variety of colors from the orange pistils , spinach color nugs and crystal trichomes to decorate this flower. The palate is a dominant Gelato 41 earthy ness with a sweetness of Z’s grapefruit limonene after punch.

I also taste the spice of the caryophyllene of the Z. The scent is more influenced by Z, with a musky floral, fruity, soil savor . The effects were heavy intense cerebral high. I started feeling the buzz 5-7 pulls in. The high lasted about 2 hours put me out to sleep.

The smoking experience was a good one as well. The inhale was smooth and it burn more salt than pepper . This @wholelottawalla lineup are Bunch of hitters, from the wallabeez, big apple & now, the 41x Z. 41walla z has the taste, scent, appeal worth the try . Shoutout to @bud.of.all.colors and his team and shoutout to @thebakedbodega_ for curating an illustrious roster for his brand. 4.5/5
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