Cultivar Review: ZaZul by Fu’s Flowers

#Zazul by @fus_flowers

Lineage/Genetics – Zkittles x Planet Purple

Original Breeder: Fu’s Flowers

Grower: Fu’s Flowers

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Zazul Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

It’s been a long time coming for this review on @fus_flowers . I’ve heard about @fus_flowers from various stoner bros. I finally had the chance to review and try his work, plus had the chance to meet and politic with the NYC cultivator. Zazul is the perfect combo of the top known Zkittles & Planet Purple ( sherbidos x Moon bow) . The structure is a blend of Z unique structure combine with the planet purples appeal. The nugs came a big medium size nug with a few small ones surrounding it.

The scent is a fruity, candy, soil blend with fuel after the grind. The palate derives from the heavens of Z packed in with a clean linen, grape 🍇 earthy dank finish . The effects are a heavy intense cerebral couch lock high. It remind me of blue zushi no lie but more potent, more of chest locker. The smoke experience combines of a smooth inhale, clean ash maintain the same salt color thru the sesh . The high can last 2-3 hours, the buzz can start around 4-5 pulls in. Overall Zazul is the perfect NY cultivated Candy 🍬. One of the most compelling taste and scents. The high matches the flavors and aroma. The appeal is not the prettiest Z but it definitely has its own beauty. @fus_flowers has the best candy nyc grown no cap 🧢.

The man knows his stuff and his work is worth the try especially if you like potent candy flowers. 5/5 –
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