Cultivar Review: Rainbow Road by B-Eazy Buds

Rainbow Road #rainbowroad by @b_eazybuds6.0 x @b_eazybuds3.0

Lineage/Genetics – Runtz/ LCG pheno possibly

Original Breeder/Grower: B-Eazy Buds

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Rainbow Road Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review by Letmeseewhatusmokin

@b_eazybuds3.0 has a niche for curating exclusive cultivars and getting them in unique extraordinary bags . Rainbow road is on that level . The palate is fruit Runtz like lcg flavors possibly rainbow belts . I can definitely taste the limonene packed candy, Sweet savors .

The nugs were a bit dense, resemblances of the Runtz structure. The effects are a medium level cerebral high, medium body high. The high is euphoric and had me drowsy. The smoking experience can improve. The ashes burned dirty and gave me a smooth inhale at first and then started changing to harsh on the 😮‍💨 during the sesh . The cherry top had a resin ring to the burn 🔥.

The buzz starts around 8/9 pulls in and the effects can last about 2 hours or more .Overall the high was great, the scent is the normal LCG/Runtz aroma. The ashes could of burn better but overall it still smoking. shoutout to @b_eazybuds3.0 x @b_eazybuds6.0 —

Rainbow Road – 3.5/ 5 –
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Rainbow Road Review by Robbreefa

Rainbow Road by @b_eazybuds6.0

Reefa rating:
Smell- ✅

Shoutout to the bro @b_eazybuds6.0 for valuing my opinion

@b_eazybuds6.0 is deff one of the brands known for their abundance of candy strains. And This one matches all the way up with that. I don’t know the genetics to this strain but from the smell, look, and taste I’d have to stay this is straight up lemon cherry gelato. The nose was emitting that familiar citrus/candy aroma. Bag appeal had the classic lcg purple/greenish hues. The taste almost like the smell. The creamy tartness exhale reminded me of lemon tart cookie. Overall can’t deny the enjoyment of the smoke being that it’s also packing the potency. The high will satisfied me for bout 45-1hr. It’s a high where you feel it building up pull after pull until you find yourself in a euphoric mental state. It just didn’t check the memorable box because I don’t feel it stands out from any of the other lcgs in the market.

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