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Cultivar Review: Cookie Dough by Team Elite Genetics

Cookie Dough Lineage/Genetics: (Original Gangster X Grandmas Cookies) Original Breeder: Team Elite Genetics Grower: Team Elite Genetics @teamelitegenetics Terpene Profile: Unknown

Cookie Dough Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Aroma: 94.5/100 Loud stanky & gassy, permeates my room with a strong dankness. Very Complex for its kind! It has an OG base, pine diesel, sweet lemon, a little bit of the menthol and chemical cleaner pungency to it. It has a lot of funk, and musk, and a touch of the barley wheat hops veggie layer, but it’ has strong herbal cookie, & baked cookie undertones. A strong sweet floral note rides underneath that Carries a strong burnt rubber pungent gas on the ending of it. Hints of sour and Chem hide in the skunkiness, and a cheese hint hides in the creaminess of vanilla cookie cream. Appeal: 97.75/100 Fascinating appeal! Calyxed out, open structured, but cookie dense w/ round bulbs that protrude out & foxtails that curl upwards. The pistils look like they’ve been given electric shock therapy & the trichomes have thick clustered coverage. The trichomes are wet & greasy, with Medium sized stalks with nice intact heads, it has a morning dew frosty layer & silver streaking on the outer blue-ish tips. The rest of the nugs are made of light greens, bieges, dull greens, & greens. The slight purps & blues really add to the appeal. Breaking nugs had a strong sticky sappy moist soft consistency, while the outers a have a hint of crispness, it hides a thick density behind that softness, the open structure, & the calyxed out build. Greasy & Triched out. grandmas cookies by team elite genetics strain review by cali_bud_reviews Taste & Translation: 95/100 Ash 93.5/100 Burn: 93/100 Terp ring: 94/100 Clean burn, satisfying, strong terps. The musky funky OG & vanilla cookie cream, and sweet floral+burnt rubber gas are the lead notes. Ash was clean, & Terp ring was thick! The cherry burned at a slight angle from over packing the super sticky fresh buds but it burned through very thoroughly. Smooth, but heavy lung pressure! Effect: 95/100 potency 93.5/100 Heavy bake. Cloudy calming & euphoric. Pain relief. Headband, low red eyes, Hungry, awake for the chronic bake but it ends sleepy. Hits hard right away but keeps building evenly. 3hour buzz. Overall: 95.5/100 An instant favorite! Top notch genetic & quality! Delicious terps & appeal! NFSOT! #teamelitegenetics #calibudreviews

Cookie Dough Cannabis Cultivar Review (July 2023)

COOKIE DOUGH @teamelitegenetics Cookie Dough is another TEG in-house Genetic made from Original Gangster & Grandmas Cookies. The colas have an OG color scheme with cookie tints of beiges & touches of light purple-blue outer hues with an og kush structure but with cookied density to the calyxed out semi-open structure. The terps are screaming with a burnt rubber diesel fuel, herbal cookie funk- with a touch of the barley wheat hops veggie savory funk. A pressurized gassy lemon & pine classic OG Kush terp brings it to a dank but creamy close. Full Cookie & Kush traits across the board. The smoke is clean, the cookie funk and og gas coats the mouth, and the burnt rubber dominates the exhale with the herbals behind it. The buzz is really heavy, sedating, with couch lock and pain relief. A nice euphoria settles in the mind while the body washes pain away. Increases appetite and provides good sleep. This one is beautiful, sticky and sappy, terpy and loud, smokes with great satisfaction, and hits hard, it’s an Elite Cookies & Kush Creation. NFSOT! Reviews & Photography are for 21+ medical MJ patients only! cookie dough by team elite genetics pictures and strain review by cali_bud_reviews #teamelitegenetics #cookiedough #calibudreviews #cannabisphotography  
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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