Cultivar Review: Dosi-Dough by Autumn Brands

Autumn Brands dosi dough was one of the only things I smelled on the floor at Hall of Flowers that made me go WHOA because it was not more of the same.

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Autumn Brands

Terpene Profile: Beta-Caryophyllene Dominant (B-Cary, Limalool, Limonene, Humulene)

Dosi-Dough Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

dosi-dough by autumn brands strain review by caleb chen closeupAutumn Brands used to be very orange – they’ve gone through a rebranding and from my limited design perspective: I like it!

Now to the flower: The quality of the flower was top notch. Really brown orange pistils and a tight but elongated bud structure.

I want to talk about the smell. The dosi smell is so familiar and savory/umami to me. The nose on this flower is complex and as I keep repeating until I’m blue (or whatever that beautiful array of colors on the label is) to the mouth: unique. First whiff I was like Soysauce? Then fellow Ganjier Au Chung pinned it down as seaweed.

After a few weeks of burping, it was no longer dried salted nori in the face but a little more floral like lemon on salmon sushi. If seaweed were a candy? Don’t give the octopodes any ideas.

Anyways, I realized after staring at the jar while stoney as a bear that Dosi-Dough could just be a do-si-dos cut. If it is, it’s a special one!

The smoke was floral, earthy, and savory in its long aftertaste.

The high was a sleeper and put to sleeper all in one. Don’t smoke too many bowls because it takes longer to kick in than average than end up overboard. Euphoric, relaxing to the mind and the body and specifically the eyelids.

Use this for after dinner! Dessert?

So chefs take note: this is a cultivar that would be paired perfectly with dessert sushi rolls. You know, the kinds with yam, mango, chocolate sauce, tamago, etc. Or a doughy dessert if no seaweed can be sourced.

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