Cultivar Review: Fiji Sunset by Trichome Farms

Fiji Sunset

Lineage/Genetics: (Grape Gasoline x Glazed Apricot Gelato)

Grown by: Trichome Farms @trichome_farms

Bred by: Compound Genetics @chris_compound ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Fiji Sunset Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

fiji sunset by trichome farms strain review by pnw.chronic 2

The visual appeal on Fiji Sunset (FS) is phenomenal. The primary coloration is a darkened shade of midnight purple that’s so deep it’s almost black. The flower has some minor, mild green leafage, but the darker anthocyanins really dominate the presentation. Pastel-orange pistil appear in small, fibrous groups of individual hairs. Each nug is absolutely encapsulated in an array of scintillating trichomes with colossal resin glands 😍

The nose on FS is exquisite. It’s an explosion of fruit with layers of orangey zest, grapefruit, white grape, and apricot. The flower has a lightly tart, sour citrus quality, as well as some herbal, spiced notes, but overall the profile is this succulent, syrupy fruit menagerie. Breaking the flower open releases a full on fermented funk that’s candied, spiced, sour, and just overall fruity 🍊

The taste on FS is just as vivid, if not moreso than the smell. It’s a mouthwateringly succulent fruity flavor with layers of orange apricot and sour grapefruit with a tactile, tangy zest. The flower has a spiced exhale remarkable notes of cloves, cardamom, and ginger, with a subtle gassy funk like it’s been simmered in a pot of petrol. The flower leaves an earthy aftertaste that’s fruity, herbal, and spiced 🍈

The effect on FS is distinguished. It starts out feeling cognitively sharp and mellow, but the weight of the effect creeps up until the consumer is feeling dazed and relaxed. It’s a temperate, satisfying high that just feels great all around. The flower is not overly sticky and produces a mild amount of medium sized kief granules when ground. It burns perfectly and smoothly all the way to the last hit 🤤

All in all, Fiji Sunet is superb. It checks the boxes for visual appeal, aroma, flavor, and effect with aplomb. What surprised me, and delighted me, the most, was the explosion of fresh fruit terpenes that just invigorates the senses. Stellar work all around from Trichome 🔥

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