Cultivar Review: LPC x Jealousy by North Country Pharms

This London Pound Cake (LPC) x Jealousy is a treat. Shoutout for the fat eighth in the sample. I’ve been appreciative!

Lineage/Genetics: London Pound Cake x Jealousy

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: North Country Pharms

Terpene Profile: Unknown

COA: code on the jar links to the wrong cultivar – pretty sure this was fixed before hitting the dispos though.

London Pound Cake (LPC) x Jealousy Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Since I got a bag of the Jealousy F3 along with this, I highingly feel like I can really see the lineage coming through. These are my first times with this new new.

That dry hit was almost moist like a deep breath on a humid Houston night. Straight lemon candy still. This is my first time smoking LPC and now I know that the “L” actually stands for lemon and doesn’t represent something her fingers are shaped in on her forehead.

For the non East siders that don’t know, a virginia slim is any rolly that is thinner in diameter than a normal cigarette.

When I smoke it, I get that doughy cake taste and mouthfeel. It’s a borderline full body smoke that really tastes different in different parts of your mouth.

If you’re down for word salad, this is like some Brit took a lemon pound cake and tried to make gelato or sherbert out of it at sunset. Except he’s telling the story out of order so you taste the lemon then the cake then you’re jealous of everybody that has regular access to this kind of flower.

The high hits you hard and quick but it does have a creeper element in both the up and down phases. When I rolled this one up and smoked it I enjoyed it more than when I took back to back bong rips of it. Honestly ended up with a headache cuz I overshot my target high. What was cool was when the headache went away, I dropped down from “too high” to “naiceeeeee” in an instant and the headache was gone.

This cultivar is a desert strain thru and thru. Unapologetically so, and I can get behind that – after dinner and before second dinner.

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