FECO Review: CBN Enriched The Bizz OG FECO2 by Farmer’s Friend Extracts

Lineage/Genetics: Albert Walker OG x Chemdawg 91

Grower/Processor: Siren Cannabis/Farmer’s Friend Extracts

Dispensary: The Potland

CBN Enriched The Bizz OG FECO2 Review

This CBN enriched The Bizz OG (Albert Walker OG x Chemdawg 91) FECO2 from Farmer’s Friend Extracts came packaged similarly to their regular FECO2 products, except the packaging was salmon colored to indicate that it’s enriched with artificially derived CBN. This FECO2 contains over 180mg of CBN along with over 500mg of THC 🙌🏼

I wanted to try using the CBN enriched FECO2 to help me get to sleep at night, so I decided to take 1/5th of the gram before bed. I did this on multiple occasions, and each time I got the same great results 😴 I wanted to note real quick that while the taste of the FECO2 wasn’t terrible or anything, I definitely preferred to take it in a capsule 😅 Each night after taking a capsule I experienced noticeable sleepy effects that came on pretty quickly. It felt like the CBN helped to turn my brain off and calm me down to get ready for bed. I don’t think I would have enjoyed using this product during the day time as it really did act like a sedative for me 😴

Overall I loved how this CBN enriched FECO2 worked for me 🤗 Each night I tried it I was able to get to sleep much faster/earlier than I normally would have 🙌🏼 I definitely have to recommend this one for anyone struggling with sleeping issues 💯 Have you tried CBN enriched FECO2? How did it work for you? 🕵️🕵️

Made 4/25/22

Tested 4/29/22 Juniper Analytics

Honest Reviews 🕵️

This review was done in partnership with The Potland

Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug
For use only by adults twenty-one years of age and older
Keep out of the reach of children


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