Cultivar Review: Wedding Mintz by UpNorth (aeriz)

The Cali invasion is upon us with NorCal company @upnorthcraft arriving thru a deal with @aeriz.official. I saw the Durban’s Poison on the shelves for a bit but was waiting for another cultivar to drop due to personally not being a fan of Durban. So when I saw the Wedding Mintz, a 80/20 Indica dominant hybrid of two of my personal favorites Wedding Cake(Pheno of Triangle Mints)and Kush Mints(Bubba Kush*Animal Mints), I rushed to the store to grab a jar. With two genetics belonging to @seedjunky_jbeezy I would imagine he bred this one too but could not confirm.

Lineage/Genetics: Wedding Cake x Kush Mints

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: aeriz

Brand: UpNorth

Terpene Profile: Unknown

UpNorth (aeriz) Wedding Mintz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

wedding mintz by upnorth aeriz strain review by theweedadvocateBag Appeal

No big colas but nine fairly dense marbles of some pretty flowers. A seamless pattern of lavender and sage green met these bright shaggy carrot orange hairs. The trichome coverage is thick with bright beige frost covering a majority of the nugget and a cure that could last another month despite being harvested 3 months ago. 23/25


Out the jar are notes of floral fresh linen and lightly sweet scents of honey and vanilla. The breakdown really doesn’t seem to intensify the aroma anymore than out the jar. The Kush Mints heavy sweet florals are there just not as loud as I like. 19/25


The floral funk stays thru from start to finish but there is also a hashy incense vibe on the back end. Slight bits of dark berries come thru upfront on occasion. Dry pull on the J is sweet honeysuckle that burns down to light grey ash and medium drip. 19/25


Expect deep body and mind numbing relaxation for those that enjoy real Indica effects. Onset does take 4 to 5 puffs but once it hits sit back and enjoy the 75-90 min ride hugging the couch if you’re a cannanewbie. For those who enjoy Indicas you will find bliss in this buzz. While I did enjoy the high of this it did lack the flavor and smell to check off all the boxes I look for but I’ll definitely keep hunting UpNorth. 23/25

84 points- #weedadvocate

#upnorth #aeriz #weddingmintz

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