Cultivar Review: Red Runtz #5 by Eugreen Farms

Red Runtz #5

Lineage/Genetics: (Red Pop x Runtz)

Grown by: Eugreen Farms @eugreen_notill

Bred by: Exotic Genetix @exoticgenetix_mike ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Red Runtz #5 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

red runtz #5 by eugreen farms cultivar review by pnw_chronic 2Red Runtz has alluring bag appeal. The buds are an eye-catching variegation of forest green and dark purple, with some leafage showing a gorgeous gradient between the two colors. Striking, golden-amber pistil fibers collect in smaller bundles and dot the outer surface of the flower, while dazzling trichomes encrust everything in sight 😍

The nose on the Red Runtz is phenomenal. The first crack of the jar unleashes a sugary sweet zest with an ephemeral strawberry creamy funk and an aerated zing that provides a fizzy and nose tickling quality to the scent. The aroma has sweetened notes of fruit and berries, and a dulcet, earthy undertone that adds richness and complexity to the overall presentation. It’s sugary when broken down and the ground product smells sweet, creamy, fizzy, and funky. The smell reminds me of a Faygo Red Pop🥤

The flavor on the Red Runtz is magnificent. It has a sugary, candy flavor combined with sweet strawberry creaminess. It has a mellow, warm earthiness to it, as well as a light, skunky gassiness that feeds into the sweet side of the profile, generating an effervescent electric zing that tickles the tongue and leaves me reaching for more. The flavor has a Runtz-heavy exhale, and a sweetened, light earthy aftertaste. The flavor is just delicious and reminds me of strawberry creamsaver hard candies 🍬

The effect on the Red Runtz is prominent. It hits the user with an immediate forehead pressure and light cognitive fog. It creates a soothing feeling of relaxation in the neck and heaviness in the shoulders without too much couch lock. The flower is soft, not overly sticky, and produces a minor amount of large grain kief when ground. It burns perfectly and smoothly all the way down 😶‍🌫️

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the Red Runtz. It hits the criteria for bag appeal and high, but where it really stands out is the unique profile that’s a perfect combination of its genetics. If you’re a fan of Runtz, strawberry cultivars, or flower that’s so flavorful you can feel it on your tongue, you’ll definitely enjoy this one 🔥



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